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- Reminder that by Monday 11/13, students need to have their Purple Book purchased - and have their name on it in permanent marker

- All percussionists are required to have their sticks/mallets/stick back by Monday.  All percussionists are reminded to label all equipment with their name and keep all of their sticks/mallets locked up in their band locker.  

-Wind Ensemble members will need to have their tuners by Monday, and WE trumpets will need to have their mute by Monday

-Uniform Turn in for marching uniforms, and Concert Uniform pick up is next week on Monday and Tuesday!  Check your email for details.  Uniforms must be dry cleaned, and the dry cleaning tag/receipt must be on it as proof that it was cleaned.  Uniforms will not be accepted without this proof it was dry cleaned.  No concert uniform will be issued until all parts of the marching uniform have been returned and accounted for

-Percussion and Band Front are reminded about their Holiday Parade performance on Sunday, November 26 which ends with the lighting of the city green.  

-WE and FB tape tests are due the Tuesday before Thanksgiving break on Smartmusic

-Students can purchase a Smartmusic account if they want to take their tape test at their own house, or they can use the sound rooms that are already equipped with the Smartmusic program

-Ticket order forms for the Holiday Concerts have been distributed and posted on the Band Website

-The Holiday Concerts are a ticketed event, and have reserved seating.  In order for parents to attend this concert a ticket must be purchased.  If a parent is a Band Booster Grand Staff, Whole Note, Half Note, or Quarter Note member, in order to claim your 2 complimentary tickets, you MUST STILL fill out a ticket order form and submit your ticket request for the concert.

-Parents are reminded to purchase tickets for the performance that your student is playing in - reminder - All 3 holiday concerts have DIFFERENT ensembles performing:


Sunday - 12/17 2PM - Freshman Band, Concert Band, Symphonic Band

Sunday - 12/17 7PM - Freshman Band, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble

Monday 12/17 7PM - Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble


-Students are required to be at BOTH of the performances where their band is performing.

-Reminder that those students interested in participating in the OMEA Solo & Ensemble contest - order forms AND CHECKS must be submitted to the White Band Mailbox - no later than Friday, Dec. 15.  LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.



-Itineraries have been posted for Copley, Brunswick, and State

-We have been assigned a day for State Finals - this is Sat. Oct. 28.  Band Families can now “unreserve” the weekend of Nov. 3-4, there will not be a band performance on that November weekend.



-Congratulations to the NRHS Marching Band Qualifying for State MB Finals!  Reminder to keep all three dates for State Finals reserved and clear - as soon as we are assigned a date/time, that will be communicated to the students and parents.

-Reminder that all assignments are now due - work to get everything checked off by the end of the quarter

-Students are encouraged to continue selling fruit through the individual fruit sale which is still going on - if you need more forms, you can contact the Boosters through the boosters website

Current News & Reminders:

Welcome to the new format of the Band Website!  The Band Website is the quintessential  resource to stay informed with the North Royalton High School Band.  Bookmark this page, as it is updated often.  As it is explained in the Band Handbook, it ultimately is the student’s responsibility to be listening to all announcements, to read the Band Bulletin Board daily,  and to pay attention to all information and announcements given to them.  The Band Website is meant to be a SUPPLEMENT to this, not a SUBSTITUTE.

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