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-Itineraries have been posted for Copley, Brunswick, and State

-We have been assigned a day for State Finals - this is Sat. Oct. 28.  Band Families can now “unreserve” the weekend of Nov. 3-4, there will not be a band performance on that November weekend.



-Congratulations to the NRHS Marching Band Qualifying for State MB Finals!  Reminder to keep all three dates for State Finals reserved and clear - as soon as we are assigned a date/time, that will be communicated to the students and parents.

-Reminder that all assignments are now due - work to get everything checked off by the end of the quarter

-Students are encouraged to continue selling fruit through the individual fruit sale which is still going on - if you need more forms, you can contact the Boosters through the boosters website



-Reminder that this Saturday is Fruit Sale Saturday

-We are asking every student to walk their route with their partner from 10AM-noon,  and then bring the forms, orders, checks and money to the rehearsal that same day.  Forms will be collected after the afternoon rehearsal, and the Boosters will be providing dinner for the students while we are collecting all the forms.

-Since the Twinsburg football game has been moved to Saturday, this means there is no band obligation on the evening of Friday the 22nd.  

-All assignments are now “due” to be memorized and checked off.: 3 Pre-Game, 4 FB, All 5 contest movements, and 2 visuals - students are encouraged to try and check something off every week, and to not fall behind.  

-The itinerary and info sheet for our first competition has been posted on the Performances page -



-Thanks to everyone who helped out with the Air Show this past weekend!  

-Reminder - Car Raffle Tickets have been distributed - we are asking each student to sell 2.  Students should return the sold ticket stubs and cash in the White Band Mailbox.  At the end of the Car Raffle, all unsold tickets will be collected - so protect these tickets like cash.  Students will be charged for tickets that are not returned at the end of the Car Raffle.  

-Reminder - the Twinsburg FB game has been moved to Sat. the 23rd. Information has been posted on the website

- Information for the North Royalton Festival of Bands has been posted.

-Assignments now due: 3 Pre-Game, 4 FB, Mvt. 1, 2, and 3 



-Congrats to everyone on completing a great Band Camp - now let’s have a great year!

-Reminder that students need to have proper footwear (tennis shoes with socks) every day for 10th period class

-Students should bring all music, charts, coordinates, instrument, etc. to every rehearsal from now on.  Coordinates will be checked.  If a student loses their coordinates, the should print a copy from the Forms and PDF’s page of the website

-Reminder to parents - if they are ever picking their student up from an event and they are not riding the bus home, they need to send in a WRITTEN note with a parent SIGNATURE submitted by the THURSDAY before the event.  Emails are NOT accepted.  

-Important: Due to Rosh Hashanah, the Football game against Twinsburg originally scheduled on Friday the 22nd - has been moved to Saturday the 23rd.  This change was made by the administration and we are trying to notify everyone as early as possible so everyone can mark their calendars and plan accordingly.  This also means that students will have “off” Friday the 22nd.  

-Reminder the first Band Booster Meeting is this Monday at 7PM - we hope to see you there!

-Reminder Open House is this Thursday at 7PM - we hope to see you there!

-Reminder for all performances, students should report to rehearsal already wearing their black pants, black band shoes, calf-length black socks, and white band T-shirt.  They should bring their jacket (on the form fitting hanger) in the uniform bag along with gloves, hat, and raincoat.  

-Students should ALWAYS bring their raincoat to every event - the Band Staff will tell them if they should take the raincoat off the busses, but they should ALWAYS bring it with them.

-Students should always bring their flip folder with music to every game

-This week, currently 7 assignments are now due - 3 Pregame, 4 Football Tunes, and Mvt. 1 of the Contest Show.  Students are encouraged to keep up with their assignments, so they don’t fall behind.

-Order forms for this year’s Contest Show Pin and Hoodie have been emailed and also posted on the Band Website - orders are taken through September 7th.  Be sure to place your order to have a memento commemorating this year’s contest show!

Current News & Reminders:

Welcome to the new format of the Band Website!  The Band Website is the quintessential  resource to stay informed with the North Royalton High School Band.  Bookmark this page, as it is updated often.  As it is explained in the Band Handbook, it ultimately is the student’s responsibility to be listening to all announcements, to read the Band Bulletin Board daily,  and to pay attention to all information and announcements given to them.  The Band Website is meant to be a SUPPLEMENT to this, not a SUBSTITUTE.

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